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Catholic Forum

Apr 16, 2008

Co-hosts Phil Krill and Gary Coates discuss Catholic social principles as the last, best hope for moral unity in America.

over twelve years ago

Perhaps no one discussed social principles better or more effectivly than America\'s greatest Catholic orator, Father Coughlin (who was never anti-semitic as the Marxist smear campaigns wanted everyone to believe). Even as early as 1942 his Social Justice weekly was exposing the fledgling abortion agendas. Jesuit Bishop Michael Gallagher knew Father Coughlin was \"God\'s Man of the Hour\" for popularizing the social justice principles of Leo XIII\'s Rerum Novarum reiterated by Pope Pius XI\'s Quadragesimo Anno!

Over 40 million Americans listened weekly to Father Coughlin\'s Sunday radio program. Now, you can hear some of these programs online at and visit as often as you like!
Here you will see moral unity at its best!