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Catholic Forum

Mar 26, 2008

Jeff Duba, a Catholic high school teacher and devotee of the Theology of the Body, speaks of an Evangelism of Beauty that includes mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit: a truly 'catholic' Catholicism.

donald bronski
over twelve years ago

if a fetys or and embryo is aborted t chances are that if will not be baptized, unless you believe what Mormans believe. we dont. as a result if has been church teaching throught he years that there are two possible places where the babies sould can go and one that it cannot go. It cannot go to, haeven when it has the burden of original sin. to do this would necessitate at the very least a major examination of many of the doctrines of the Church.
the abortionist, the person who has the abortin and anyone who encouraged the woman to have an abortion, live in a state of mrortal sin and win go to hell if they die. unless at sone time in their livesthey realize what they have done, become truly remorseful, receive absolution, do penance..and lead catholic lives from then on. this is church teaching. does it sound morally correct to anyone????? dont you feel a little silly punishing the innocent and rewarding the guilty? what is the correct answer if i am wrong.