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Jun 15, 2006

Convert Sharon Amaya explains how to pray the Rosary which is a scriptural meditation on the life of Jesus Christ.

eleven and a half years ago

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eleven and a half years ago

God bless your ministry +

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eleven and a half years ago

The prayers were originally counted by transferring pebbles from one bag to another. Soon enough Christians began to tie a rope with knots on which to count. This evolved further into using beads or pieces of wood in place of the knots, and this soon came to be called the \\\"Psalter of the Laity.\\\"

eleven and a half years ago

Joan Paul II\\\\\\\'s most beloved prayer saved my life once. I could finish in a hospital for life or, at home, in a wheelchair buying prescription drugs online for the rest of my miserable years; and Rosary (I\\\\\\\'m sure) spear me of all this. First time when I realized the power of a prayer.

eleven and a half years ago

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John Chance
twelve and a half years ago

Genarlly, good show and guest, but a question. If she was in this Catholic prayer group and praying Rosary daily for so long, why is it that she stated she would have no problems with contraceptions?

Was she not a convert then? If so, what fell through in RCIA? Her prayer group?

She did not eventually want to Rx contraceptives due to fact the ywere abortificients--ok, best reason, but is she now in agreement with the intrinsic evil of contracepting itself??

She has gushing enthusiasm, which is great, but does she fully know faith and accept? If not, her imaginings are in vain.

John Chance
twelve and a half years ago

Also, the Luminous are nice and fill in \"gaps\" in the story of Christ, but they throw the intent and order off. Good link to consider:

(see bottom comments and link)

The 15 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary & When They are Prayed

Finding Jesus in the Temple

Agony in the Garden
The Scourging
Crowning with thorns
Carrying of the Cross

Crowning of Mary

Sundays in Advent, Christmastide & Epiphany:
Sundays in Eastertide & Time After Pentecost:
All of Septuagesima & Lent:

In October 2002, His Holiness, Pope John Paul II, recommended adding 5 more Mysteries to the Rosary to be prayed on Thursdays -- the \"Luminous Mysteries\" which focus on Jesus\' public life. These Mysteries are:

The Baptism in the Jordan
The Marriage Feast at Cana
The Proclamation of the Kingdom
The Transfiguration
The Institution of the Eucharist
This novelty does not change the true Rosary and is merely presented as an option for Christians. This option, however, is one that totally disrupts the relationship between the Rosary and the Breviary\'s Psalms. Stick with the classic tried-and-true Rosary. To read why adding Mysteries to the Rosary was a most horrible idea, see this page, and to read a critique of Pope John Paul II\'s Encyclical on the matter, see this page (both pages offsite, will open in new browser window)

Shawn McDermott
eleven and a half years ago

Yes, we\'ve noticed this on certain shows. Unfortunately we pull the audio from the recording of the TV show which is where the problem is generated. We try to correct it, but not with much success at times. Sorry.